Christmas On The Porch….and around the house


Christmas On The Porch


It’s almost here….

Just a few more minutes and it will be Christmas Day.

Bonnie Blue is looking through the glass trying to find Santa.



The porch is lighted to help Santa find his way.

Come and visit and stay awhile.

We love Christmas around here.




The Carolers are ready to sing their favorite Christmas carols.

What is your favorite?



You may prefer to enter through the front door.

The poinsettias bring their Christmas cheer with their bright red color.




The Carolers will sing for you here also.



Maybe next year we will be lucky enough to have a white Christmas.

So until then I will just remember a past one.



Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.








  1. Lizzie T | 25th Dec 16

    Beautiful! I love the garland on the banister – what kind of greenery is that? The snow photo is too lovely. I can just imagine the quiet.

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