Drawing Up A Plan

The first thing I had to do, after deciding what we wanted here, was find a firm that could do the drawings and the engineering I would need to obtain a permit. I sent the engineering firm I found the drawing I had drawn myself to give them an idea of exactly what I was looking for. After coming out to our house and looking at the lay of the land they sent these renderings around a week later. They came up with two choices for the facade. One was an A frame style roof and the other was a hip style roof. Being that our main roof was also a hip roof this was the choice we went with.


Next up was the interior space rendering. Using the original drawing I had sent them they came up with this drawing. It certainly hit all the things I wanted like a back door (finally) and double french doors leading into the porch. We wanted substantial posts surrounding the porch so the drawing shows 8′ square posts. There were some other tweaks that needed to be done. I wanted the doors to the porch centered and the steps leading up to the covered deck to be as centered as possible. But very minor changes…..until the Mr. got involved.

Let me explain…Mr. is in construction, and has been since he was 15 years old. The construction he does is commercial, and he has never been involved in residential construction. So some of his commercial construction requirements were brought over to this residential job site. So, as I said I was going to give you the whole dirt in building this porch, keep in mind that some of the costs of this build were due to Mr. wanting commercial grade over residential. Please excuse the condition of the drawings. Scanning them was a challenge.  They had been folded, rained on and crammed into a site box so they are not in great condition.


So this is the final drawing for the interior of the porch. As you can see the doors were moved to the middle like I wanted but everything else pretty much stayed the same.




This is the outside view as you would approach from the driveway.





This of course is the rear view. You can see from this view how the back of the house would change. I finally would have the back door I wanted and the triple windows are gone.




So with all the plans finalized I was ready to take the to the town to get a permit. I called first to make sure I had everything I need. It was a good thing because I only had 3 sets of plans and they required 5.




This is the application I was required to fill out. As you can see I estimated the cost of this porch at $30,000. Since I was planning on being the so called general contractor I didn’t need a lot of the items on the application.





And that meant four days later……..





We had a permit. This is the inspection card we were given to post on the job site. Now we were ready to start building !!!!





Are you ready to build? Or just thinking about it.

Warm Regards
















  1. Crystal Redden | 24th Sep 16

    Did you estimate the cost of the project at $30,000 before or after Mr. got involved? Somehow when mine gets involved, the price seems to go up, almost without fail! I really love the design!

    • Leigh | 24th Sep 16

      I estimated the cost without consulting Mr. When I told him he just laughed at me. 🙂

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