Finish Line Is In Sight





The finish line was in sight if only the weather would cooperate. For years I had been scouring yard sales and junk shops looking for porch type items. I can’t tell you the number of times Mr. would groan and roll his eyes when I would bring something home and tell him “It’s for the porch”. This is the way I found a good many of the furnishings.


On The Hunt

I found two great old wicker chairs at a junk store on different occasions. One of my best finds was a wicker chair from the forties for $10. The other wicker chair has a spring bottom. The chairs were actually white when I bought them but in these photos I had already spray painted them black. It also helped that I was always looking, especially off season when shops just needed the floor space.




My very first wicker chair find




And my second


This is the chair bottom



And the pair together



A Place To Dine

We had bought a wrought iron dining table and chairs that would seat six comfortably. This was a set that we used before the porch, when it was just a deck. It is very heavy and has withstood the weather well. I did sand the rust spots and prime the entire set before I painted it black for the porch. I really can’t stress the importance of buying well made outdoor furniture. The dining set is over 15 years old and has stood the test of time. I should be able to hand it down to my grandchildren.




Back To The Porch

The electrician had finished all of his install work and we had the final electrical inspection (we passed:-)). Terry was completing all the finishing touches that we wanted for the porch. The posts on the porch were 6×6’s and we wanted them finished to an 8×8′ post. Because Terry had waited to wrap the posts for the inspection, he was able to fashion them to totally cover the conduit that ran to the receptacles. Being able to do this really helped with the appearance of the posts.

On the outside of the porch structure we used EverTrue PVC finished product. Living in the south with the heat and humidity, wood rot is a huge and constant problem. Since we moved into this house every time we have had to replace siding or trim we have used either Hardiplank for the siding or EverTrue for the trim. This way we will never have to deal with wood rot in that particular place again. Eventually I imagine the entire outside of the house will be brick, concrete and plastic ! Ha! The material costs just about twice what it’s wood counterpart would cost, but again, we hope we will never have to replace it again, so it should pay for itself over time.


Deal Of The Build

One of my favorite finds for the porch were the screen doors. I found them at an architectural salvage yard. They are mahogany and were exactly what I wanted…two 2′ doors. They are perfect for the space and only cost me $20 each, so for $40 I had my double screened doors.




And Finally

The weather broke long enough for us to get the area graded and landscaping installed. This was the last thing hanging over us to be able to get a final inspection. The porch still hadn’t been painted or screened, but that needed to wait until the wood had dried out somewhat, and it wasn’t essential for the final inspection.





So on March 10, 2015 we had our final inspection…..And passed !!!! Now it was a matter of hurry up and wait. Not my strongest asset 😉






How about you? Is waiting hard for you too?

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  1. Crystal Redden | 13th Nov 16

    I’m really enjoying your blog, Leigh! It makes me want a big porch of my own. You game to help me some day? Haha!

    • Leigh | 14th Nov 16

      Thank you Crystal. I will be happy to help you anytime. I need you to teach me how to take those gorgeous photos !

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