Flea Market Find to A DIY Chalkboard



A couple of weeks ago I was at the flea market here.

While there I found this great old oak mirror frame.

At the time I just knew it would make a great chalkboard for the kitchen.

I am forever forgetting the smaller things I need at the grocery.

Like ketchup, flour, sugar…things you don’t buy all that often.

So when I saw that frame my lightbulb went off …

Perfect solution to my forgetfulness..Ha!





Off To The Hardware Store


So off to Lowes I went.

I had done my research and the Rust-Oleum product was the winner for the chalkboard paint.

The black was my color of choice but it also comes in green.

My roller I used was one that I had at home, and I would suggest that if you are using a roller use a foam one.

You will also need plywood in place of where the mirror used to be.

I had some 1/4 inch plywood at home and this is what I used.



Step By Step


The first step was to outline the mirror frame onto the plywood.







Next up you will cut the outline from the plywood.

We used a jigsaw that we have had forever.

It was not a real fast process and I am thinking I probably need a new blade!






Next Up….Paint


Now it is time for the paint.

The directions on the can call for a primer coat first but I did skip that step.

I sanded the board before applying any paint to smooth the surface.

Wiping it down to remove any dust I painted on the first coat.

After waiting 4 hours per the instructions, I lightly sanded with 220 grit sandpaper and re-coated the surface.

I did this 3 more times and then the wait begins.

Per the instructions the product needs to cure for 3 days. Three loooong days!




After the curing process you have to rub your chalk over the entire surface to prep it for use.

Please excuse the was late and the kitchen light just would not cooperate with me at all.





On To The Finish Line


The next thing you do is wipe the chalk off with an eraser if you have one, and if not just use a soft cloth.

I will say the paint does not leave the board quite like the chalkboards we had in school.

It has a tendency to not clear the writing completely.

Using a wet rag and wiping it down helps.

Next is to reinsert the board into the frame attaching it using the former mirror attachments to hold it.

My mirror being so old did not have any attachments and so I used wood glue to hold it in.

This added an extra day to the project because I clamped it while drying and I let it dry for 24 hours.

And here is the final product….





It really is a very easy project.

Just a tad slow going with all the waiting you have to do.

But it does the job and now I have a place to jot down all those items I forget about……and it lets Mr. know I will be gone most of the day.. Ha!


Things You Will Need


Picture or Mirror Frame


Chalk Paint

Paint Brush or Roller

Sandpaper or sanding block


Eraser or Soft Cloth


Happy Painting !



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  1. Kathy A. | 21st Aug 17

    I think your blackboard came out wonderfully. And no one is gonna have a frame like that! Hard to beat old oak! It will be fun to add decorations to on holidays, too! It can be a real focal point. Nice job.

  2. Stephanie | 16th Mar 17

    Great idea for replacing a missing or broken mirror! I’d love for you to join our link up To Grandmas House We Go.

    • Leigh | 16th Mar 17

      Thanks so much Stephanie. And thanks for the invite. I will be sure to link up at your next party. Have a great weekend.

  3. Vintage Charm 74 | The Blue Willow House | 16th Mar 17

    […] had a new-to-us blogger link up last week: Leigh from A Porch with a View. In DIY Chalkboard, she tells us about finding a beautiful, curvy flea market frame and turning it into a fabulous and […]

  4. Diana | 15th Mar 17

    Love your vintage chalkboard, Leigh, and I’ll be featuring it tomorrow at Vintage Charm!

  5. Sharon@bluewillowhouse | 12th Mar 17

    A fantastic makeover and great tutorial.

    • Leigh | 14th Mar 17

      Thanks Sharon. And thanks for visiting. Have a great week!

  6. Melissa | 7th Mar 17

    I love this! What a great upcycle!! Thanks for sharing with us at the Family Joy Blog Link Party this week.

    • Leigh | 10th Mar 17

      Thanks for having me Melissa. I have enjoyed your link party !

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