Framework Starts

Having the foundation finished, here, meant it was time to start the framework. Now things were starting to move, and move quickly. The rim joists and floor joists were the next step. At this stage the posts were also installed. These would support the roof framework.This step was completed in one day. It seemed something new was happening everyday and we would be finished in no time. Of course that was my naivete in my first building experience. 🙂  In this photo you can see the triple window that would be replaced with a single window and the new back door!



A different view of the flooring system framework.



From the very beginning I wanted a tongue and groove hardwood floor for the porch. All of the old porches I remembered from my childhood had  these floors. Mr. was afraid that with the amount of rain and humidity we have here, that the floor would start to warp within the first season. I did my research and found a cypress tongue and groove floor that I thought would be perfect for the porch flooring. I also looked into yellow pine Penta treated flooring. One problem with a tongue and groove floor was the slope. The floor would need to slope 1″ for every five feet. Since the porch was 20′ deep, that meant the floor would need to slope 4″ and that would be noticeable from front to back.

The second problem was installation. Everyone I spoke to felt the floor would need to be nailed into a sub floor, but the flooring companies that sold both the cypress and the Penta showed the floor being nailed directly onto the joists. Needless to say Mr. won that battle. He did insist on 20′ boards so there would be no horizontal seams. As you can see, when the decking first went down it was screwed down very tightly with no space between boards. Unfortunately it has not stayed that way. As it has dried gaps have shown up, which I am not too happy about.


Next up – The roof !!

Has anyone out there installed a tongue and groove floor on a porch. If so I would love to hear how it is holding up for you.


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  1. alexrosh | 29th Sep 16

    How very exciting! Can’t wait to see the finished results!!

    • Leigh | 29th Sep 16

      Thanks so much. I love to have people along for the journey. Thanks again for stopping by.

  2. Lizzie | 27th Sep 16

    So he didn’t want it nailed into the joists and that was the reason for not tongue and groove? Isn’t the argument that the floors would warp because of humidity silly if that’s the type used commonly in the same climate? What is the cost difference/savings between the two options?

    Love the progress! Does seem like it was quick moving at first!

    • Leigh | 27th Sep 16

      Thanks for asking Lizzie. He was opposed to tongue and groove due to the fact that every picture he looked at, with this flooring being used, showed some sign of warping. And with the back of our house being kind of a funnel for storms with blowing rain he just didn’t trust that they would hold up over time. As for the cost difference, because we used 20′ boards they were more expensive than using shorter lengths but it was still around 2k less than using tongue and groove. Glad you are enjoying the build 🙂

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