It’s The Little Stuff That Takes The Longest



Getting Closer

It is always the little stuff that takes forever to get done, and now that it was December, the weather had turned on us. Gone was the 70 degree weather during the day, leaving 40-50 degree highs in it’s wake. Fortunately the heavy lifting as it were had been done, here, and Terry, our carpenter, had work that could be done inside. And there was plenty to get done.  He was busy working inside on the kitchen items, which also included framing and installing the new dutch door.




A Bench Is Born

Since the triple window had been removed and the smaller single window installed, it left wall space in the kitchen blank,and available to add the bench style seating I wanted. I had always wanted a booth in my kitchen. Unfortunately our kitchen is not arranged for a booth to work, but I could use a L-shaped bench, although the two bench seats would not be equal. Building these bench seats was also an opportunity to gain some more storage. Terry got to work, and did a beautiful job. Thanks Terry !




The amazing thing about Terry is that when he decides what it is he is going to build, he gets it done in no time flat. So it wasn’t long before he had the seating built. He used the leftover tongue and groove boards from the porch ceiling to use for the seat backs. You can see he was able to add a good deal of storage space. Next step for the new bench was painting, and getting cushions made. He added a small lip on the edges of the benches so the cushions would have something holding them in.





And Let There Be Light

I had thought long and hard about the electrical installation, and where I wanted outlets and ceiling fan/ lights. This was a very important aspect of the porch. It may not seem like a big deal, but when you want to add a table lamp or anything electrical and don’t have an outlet, believe me, it can be a problem.

This screened porch had a total of eleven posts, including the three on the covered porch. I decided that I wanted an outlet on every other post, plus two outlets on the wall side of the porch. We also added a cable and power outlet high on the wall. This way  we could have a TV on the wall and the wires would not be seen. I made sure that the covered porch had an outlet on one post at the steps and one beside the new door. This way if I decided to put up Christmas lights I wouldn’t have to drag extension cords everywhere, which takes away the appeal of the lights.



Of course to meet code all the outlets had to be outdoor approved (above) to protect from the weather. This outlet (below) is six feet up the wall and sits in the middle of the space. That is why we were able to use a regular outlet.




How About A Breeze

We also went with 2 heavy duty outdoor ceiling fans. They are stainless steel to hopefully prevent rusting, and they have dimming lights attached to them. We put them in the center of the screened porch, centering each one within the outer ceiling blocks. The electrician talked me into putting both of them on the same switch. If I had to do this over I would not have them both on the same switch. There is no way to just run one without the other.




It can be hard to find good outdoor lighting. Do you have a favorite style for outdoors?

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  1. Crystal Redden | 18th Oct 16

    I LOVE that bench!!!

    • Leigh | 18th Oct 16

      Thanks Crystal ! It has provided some great storage in the kitchen. I am now on the hunt for the perfect trestle table to use with the bench.

  2. Lindsay M | 12th Oct 16

    That bench is amazing! <3

    • Leigh | 13th Oct 16

      Thank you Lindsay. Wish I could say I did it 🙂 Terry did a great job.

  3. lizounette | 12th Oct 16

    I prefer the moonlight. Hoooowwwwwlllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!

    • Leigh | 12th Oct 16

      Well thanks for visiting Lizounette lol !!

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