Starting New Traditions


New Traditions

Starting new traditions is one of the many new adventures that having adult children with growing families provides. One of our new traditions has been going to Kitrell, a little town north of Durham, NC to cut our own Christmas tree. Actually we find the tree we want and then they cut it down for us, no axes needed. Ha!

We began this new tradition three years ago, when I decided I didn’t want the standard perfectly shaped Christmas tree, but instead something that reminded me of Christmas when I was a child. (I think as we age the more nostalgic we get for times gone by.) It took some research to find a farm that grows non standard Christmas trees. I was looking for a pine or a cedar tree, for an old fashioned Christmas tree.


Christmas Circa 1965

When I found a place, I asked my daughter if she wanted to go and take a look, see if she might want a cedar tree too. So the day after Thanksgiving Mr. and I headed over to Durham to go search for a tree with my daughter, her husband and our 8 month old granddaughter.




Of course it did happen to be below freezing the day we went to the farm, but to me that just says “Merry Christmas” in bold letters. 🙂 I must say the baby was bundled up in a bunny bunting and was absolutely precious as we searched one field and another for the perfect tree. And we found them, the perfect Christmas Trees. The next year instead of wearing winter coats we could have worn sundresses it was so warm. Christmas in the south is always unpredictable. But hot or cold, the trees are still amazing.





Year Three of New Traditions


Now with a toddler and a baby in tow we headed to the tree farm the day after Thanksgiving. This year the weather was again quite warm but it just made the search that much more pleasant. My granddaughter had so much fun running from tree to tree and choosing every one as her favorite.


Looking for the perfect tree

Picking the Right One


After searching both fields we found just the right one. Not to big and not to small….just the right size 🙂 It was time to summon the young man that had the chainsaw. This is a family run business and all of the children have different jobs they take care of. Once the tree was cut it was taken to the shaker. At least that is what I call it. It shakes the tree to help it shed all the dead and brown needles. Or maybe with a cedar they are just limbs.




Time To Go


After the shaking was complete we had them net the trees. I have found that is is so much easier to put the tree in the stand if it is netted. That is the one thing about having a live tree that causes the most arguments….getting it straight in the stand, lol. Netting the tree has helped considerably with that chore ! Next up was loading the trees and it was time to go.




Time To Decorate


I’m not even going to acknowledge (or describe) the ordeal of getting the tree in the stand.  Nor the struggle to get the lights on the tree, which for some reason has always been my job…go figure. I will just show you the decorated tree and hope you consider a cedar tree next year. Plus is it doesn’t drop needles everywhere!

Happy Holidays to you all !!




Are you and yours all ready for the holidays? Before we know it it will all be over and time to start thinking about next year 😉


Warm Regards,



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