Starting the Build

So the permit had been secured here so the next step was getting the foundation off the ground. This required someone that could dig and pour the footings. Now this is going to be a deciding factor in how you want your porch to look. Mr. wanted the porch to look as though it had been there since the house was built. Therefore we decided to go with a brick foundation. It also gave us the option of later closing in the room as a finished room. Since I was acting as the general contractor it was my job to procure all the subs for the job. Fortunately I was lucky and have friends that gave me recommendations because they had recently built houses for themselves. We also were, and still, are very lucky to have the handyman of everything. He can do anything, and so he wanted to do the majority of the build for us. We were happy to have him as our carpenter/everything man. And he still does a lot of work for us to this day which with Mr. means he did a great job.

So this next step was the footings and foundation.



After our grading man was finished, and the inspection was done, the footings were poured. Then the masons came in and the foundation went up. This was a choice we made for the appearance of the porch. I will tell you it added considerable cost to the build. A porch can also be built with piers instead of a solid foundation. It just depends on the look you want for your porch and the associated costs.

Now it was actually starting to look like something.



Now that the foundation was up, after the inspection, the framing could begin. If you look closely you see a black streak running down the siding. That is where the previous deck was attached. The new porch is almost double in width to the previous deck.




Feel free to ask any questions you might have. I will answer them as best as I can, just remember I am not actually a contractor and this is just my experience building a porch with a view.

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  1. lizounette | 26th Sep 16

    Did your desire for storage affect the decision to do brick, or could you still have had storage space underneath with piers?

    • Leigh | 26th Sep 16

      The reason for the brick foundation was so that at a later time if we wanted to turn it into heated and cooled space it would be much easier. And even without a brick foundation you could still have a storage area. It just wouldn’t be quite as dry. Thanks for asking !

  2. Crystal Redden | 24th Sep 16

    About how long did it take for the foundation to be completed?

    • Leigh | 24th Sep 16

      It took two days for them to complete the foundation. I couldn’t believe how fast they worked and got the job done.

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