There’s Paint On That Porch !




Spring Has Sprung


So the weather had finally taken a turn for the better and spring had sprung all around us. It was time to get painting. Yay ! I had decided that I wanted the porch painted a bright gloss white. I wanted the paint to reflect the light and a high gloss would not only do that, but it would clean up more easily too. We went with Sherwin-Williams Fast Coat in bright white. I had them add two drops of black paint to help make for better coverage.



First Coat of White

Keeping the Haints At Bay

I always knew that the ceiling would be haint blue. It’s a tradition in the old south to paint your porch ceilings what the old generation called “haint blue”. The color was said to keep the bad spirits away at night.  During the day the color is almost unnoticeable. When the sun is bright and you look at the ceiling it appears to be the same color as everything else…white. But as the evening darkens the blue of the ceiling becomes much more apparent. This was done so that the haints would see blue sky under the porch not a dark night sky, therefore they would stay away.


The “Haint Blue” ceiling

Walking On The Grey

I had always planned on painting the porch floor. I had never even considered leaving it the natural color of the wood and just putting a sealer on it. The decking in my opinion was rough so Terry and I looked for a way to make it smoother without resorting to a drum sander. We came up with an orbital deck sander. It is much less intense than using the drum sander and did a great job smoothing out all the rough spots and made painting the floor a breeze. We actually used a grey stain on the floor instead of paint. From talking to friends of mine and doing some research, staining seemed the better choice to painting. More on that later 🙂



The floor after staining

Time To Keep The Bugs Out

Now that the porch had been painted it was time to keep the bugs out. And that meant the screen needed to be installed. I had done hours of research on building this porch and the actual screening. Screening can be tricky. Especially when a good portion is fairly high off the ground. Another consideration was our dog Bonnie Blue. She has long nails and the possibility that she would put a hole in the screen was a serious one.

I needed a system that would allow for an easy and quick way to replace screen if it became necessary. Enter ScreenEz. I found this product while searching the web and it is a game changer when it comes to screening. You can check it out here. It really is a great product and will make replacing screen much easier than past methods of screening.




The screen is installed !

The only thing left was to finish  furnishing and decorating.

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