It’s Time To Garden….On Paper That Is





We had our first snow for the season the other day, so that means it’s time to garden.

I’m talking about gardening on paper.

I love this time of year. Everyday the mail lady brings fresh new garden and seed catalogs.

There is nothing better than sitting in a comfortable chair leafing through all the heirloom seeds, and dreaming of watching them grow.

One of my favorite catalogs is Gurney’s Seed and Nursery.

They package their seeds and plants as offers. It is so quaint.



 A Long History Of Gardening


Gardening and I have a long history together. Even as a child I had a love affair with growing things.

My mother grew up on a farm.

We would go down to my grandparents farm in the summer and their garden was huge.

Especially to a wide eyed child. They grew so many different types of beans and peas it was amazing.

Mom would help pick and shell beans and peas, which Gram would later can or freeze.

So each year at our house we would have our own small garden in our backyard.

Even when I went off to college my roommate and I had a garden at our rental house.

A small one as you can see below.





More Room To Grow


Everywhere I have lived I have had a garden. So…

When Mr. and I moved into our current home we had much more open space to move about.

So one spring when he was out of town I killed off a large patch of grass and set about starting a garden.

I had two large dump truck loads of topsoil brought in to get us started.

Mr. bought a Troy Built Pony 27 years ago when we had our first garden together.

This one piece of equipment has made gardening so much easier.

It has been a terrific investment and is still going strong.




Once Mr. had tilled all the topsoil in we added a good dose of leaf mulch.

If you have never tried leaf mulch it is like food from the garden Gods.

After all the amendments were tilled into the soil we let it sit for a few days.

Then Mr. brought out the tiller again and off he went plowing rows for the garden.

Then it was just a matter of planting the seeds and plants and we were off to having fresh homegrown vegetables for the summer.

Our beets did especially well 🙂





The Not So Friendly Neighbors


Unfortunately we have some not so friendly neighbors known as deer (eye roll and groan commencing) .

The first year of our garden adventure I don’t think they had found us.

I never noticed any damage from the visitors if they had come at all.

The next couple of years the damage to the garden began in earnest.

I tried so many different things to deal with the deer.

I even played a radio all night long hoping it would keep them away.

No such luck.

It just ticked off our real neighbors !

It had become so bad that it was costing us a fortune just to feed the deer.

So we gave up the garden. It was a sad event that summer.



A New Approach….For Us That Is


So the new approach for this year is going to be raised beds.

Maybe if they are closer to the house just our presence will keep them away.

I am hopelessly in love with this garden that was in It’s Complicated



How gorgeous is that? Of course being Hollywood it’s perfect, but you get the idea.

This one uses elements from the movie at Terri Long Landscape




Ours won’t be nearly that large but it will provide the fresh vegetables we love.

Hopefully the winter won’t be a rainy one and will be short and sweet.

I’ll let you know how they turn out !

If anyone out there has raised beds I would love to hear about them.


Warm Regards



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